Geographical map

How to browse the map

Once the map is fully displayed on your screen you can start browsing it by clicking with the left-hand side mouse button on a specific point and drag it in the direction you are interested in (keep the left button pressed while doing this). In order to display a more detailed version of the map, select the + symbol at the bottom on the left-hand side, and select the – symbol to go back to its original dimension or to reduce the size.

The dial at the top on the right-hand side of the map will indicate, by means of an orange square, the part of the map you are displaying in that specific moment.

A series of icons will appear on the map indicating a museum or a connection junction with communication routes (motorway tollbooth, train station, coach stop, airport, harbour). Click on the icon you are interested in to open the box containing preliminary usueful information on that specific point (name, description, theme category and address for museums, name and address for connection junctions). In order to close the box click on the X symbol at its top on its right-hand side.

If the icon indicates a museum, besides the preliminary useful information you will find three other entries: Display information fact sheet, How to get there, Points of interest. If you click on them you'll enter in the museum detailed information sheet, see on the map if there are other important museums and cultural heritage in the surrounding area (at 20 km or 15 min. distance), read under the map the main indications to reach the museum.

For further details on the itineraries to follow click on Calculate your route by using Tuttocittà under the map to visualize the web site in a new window.

On the left-hand side column of this section of the web site, there are some drop-down boxes (Town Council, Province, City, Theme Category, Opening Hours, etc.) which gives the possibility to select the museums on the map according to one or more of these category. Choose the category you are interested in and click on Search to start your search.

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