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Itineraries : Arts and Crafts of Metal

This itinerary offers a journey through locations which still preserve the memory of a thousand-years old craft tradition, typical of the Friuli Venezia Giulia area. The processing and transformation of metal are the main aspects of this trip aimed at discovering different types of arts such as craft and knife work processing, which started in the Bronze Age and which flourished in the Norico region thanks to the abundance of raw material and to the consistent request for weapon production on behalf of the Roman legionaries who used to go over this land in order to cross the borders of the Empire. By following this path you can re-discover the history of an artistic and craft tradition belonging to the popular culture of this region by visiting old but still functioning forges and re-built craft shops. Many of these museums, preserving work and craft tools which were built with these productive and artistic methods, show the importance of these activities for the local economy throughout the centuries.

Museums included in the itinerary

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